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routing instrument channel to audio

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Im using logic as a giant sound module for an MPC2000. I already have it set where once i finish the instrumental i can sync the MPC and track all the midi tracks at the same time as well as Audio from my external instruments and MPC. now as a timesaver I would like to record the Internal Instrument tracks to audio tracks so I can send off every thing in one swoop. No I don't want to bounce in place I want to hit one button and damn near be done till the client comes lay vocals or sends a project back. this process will let me go from 0 to tracked out instrumental ready to email or get vocals laid on in 20-25 min(i like to work fast ) if any body can help it would be appreciated
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I would like to record the Internal Instrument tracks to audio tracks

By internal do you mean software instruments inside Logic? If that's the case, then set the output of each channel strip to a bus, create an audio track with its input set to that bus, repeat this procedure for each software instrument, record-enable all the audio tracks you just created and press record. 

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  • Create audio track(s).
  • Change the software instrument channelstrip's output(s) to a specific Bus(ses). (Logic will create Aux channelstrip(s) automatically). 
  • In the previously created audio track(s), set their Input(s) to the specific Bus(ses) (corresponding to the intended virtual instrument(s)).
  • If so you wish, delete the automatically created Aux channelstrip(s) by selecting them in the mixer window and hit delete on your computer keyboard.

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