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Drag end-point of note AND startpoint of subsequent note

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Hi guys,


I'm guessing this is not possible, but I'd love to be sure ;) Is there a way to (on the piano roll) to drag the TRANSITION between to notes, rather than the end-point of one, and startpoint of the next note. If there is not, I'll file a suggestion at Apple because this seems like a very useful option! (especially with legato instruments, where the timing is very different from sample to sample)


All the best,

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Ah, thanks. I'm going to file a suggestion anyway, because even though stuff such as Force Legato is usefull, it still doesn't save me the time of moving around the exact MOMENT at which the legato occurs. Even though I'm really impressed how EW and Native Instruments get all these instrument right, the timing is sometimes just not exactly the same for every not in a patch.


*Although in essence, dragging one of them and using the command for force legato is ofc nearly as quick ;)


Thanks a bunch ^^

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