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Problem with Firewire 1814 when loading EXS24 files.


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I'm running the latest Logic on my Dual G5 and almost every time I load my EXS24, my M-Audio Firewire 1814 shuts down. It doesn't power off but it acts like it's not even there and then I get the window in Logic that says it can't find the previous audio driver. Even the mixer window FOR the 1814 says it can't find the interface. Then I'm forced to power off and power on the 1814, in order for it to show up in Logic again. I know the EXS24 requires a lot of CPU but I'm not in playback or even playing my MIDI keyboard for that matter, so I find it hard to believe that's the problem. After all my G5 has plenty of power. Any known problems like this? Is it my Firewire 1814? Would appreciate some feedback...Thanks.
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