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Separating MIDI Channels to different instrument tracks


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Hey guys.

I'm trying to set up logic for some small live use, and here's the deal:

I have three separate controllers running into logic, each one transmitting on a separate channel (1, 2, and 3 respectively). The environment is setup so that each one runs into a monitor so that I can make sure they're spitting out what I want them to, and then into the sequencer input. The information in the Transport MIDI messages window also reflects correctly (i.e. Keyboard 1 sending notes on channel 1, keyboard 2 on channel 2, etc).


Now, I have three separate instrument tracks, with a different softsynth on each. Each of these Instrument tracks are set to one of the three MIDI channels as stated above.


Now, the way I understand it, if all three are record-enabled, each track should only respond to the corresponing MIDI Channel, right? I.e. Instrument 1 plays when the sequencer receives notes on MIDI Channel 1, which only occurs when notes are played on keyboard 1. This is what makes sense to me.


But what I'm seeing is that ALL THREE Instruments play, and respond, to any MIDI message on any channel (even if I set the channel to one that isn't even being used)!


Please help me rectify this, it's getting terribly irritating.




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