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Shortened Plugin Names


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I have a problem with Logic. 

I don't know if you know the platform Splice. There you can share your projects

and download projects by others to learn new techniques. I've found an awesome project which I downloaded and opened.

The problem is that the plugin names in the project are shortened:


"iZotope Ozone7" (iZOzone7AUHook.component) becomes "iZotope Ozo" 

I tried to duplicate "iZOzone7AUHook.component" in the components folder and renamed it to "iZotope Ozo.component" and hoped it will recognise it as the plugin used in the downloaded project. Sadly not... I receive the message "The plug-in named “iZotope Ozo” isn’t available on your system." 


That also affects a lot other plugins...


Why do those plugins are named like that? How can I fix that? Sadly I'm not able to contact the guys to request a better version. 

Maybe they also have used an older version of Logic Pro X... I don't know. :(


Thank you really much in advance!


Kind regards,


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In the center of the plug in manager, where all the plug ins are listed, you'll see empty fields for Custom name, and Short Name. The fields are to the right of the plug in name. If you look on the top of the column you'll see "Custom Name" and "Short Name" Double click in the empty field and the field will become highlighted, then you can call your plug ins whatever you'd like.

MacBook Pro M1Max 32GB, Monterey 12.1

Logic Pro X 10.7.2

Scarlett 8i6 3rd Gen

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