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RME Babyface or SD USBPre 2 Or...

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Anyone have a view on this: 

Thinking about getting an RME Babyface or the RME UC - but also slightly curious about the Sound Devices USBPre2.


I used to have a FF400 for many years but after that went I have been temporarily using a Scarlett 2i2 which is 'ok'... but I don't use the preamps on it. 

Wondering if the SD USB has a better mic pre / conversion that the RME as it does get raved about as having the same sound as the SD 744.


It's mostly for voiceovers and vocals - so I don't want a coloured sound. Did try the the Audient ID22 but didn't really get on with it.


Obviously the Babyface and UC have more inputs and TotalMix which I like - and although a few more inputs than 2 might be useful I mostly record 1 channel.

Although having said that with 1 channel needed for talkback in Source Connect sessions that could be a drawback of the SD USB as it's 2 preamps but i think only 2 channels at a time max.



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