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Scoring Question in Logic 9


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Sorry, I don't really know where to post this in the forum other than the Logic X boards. I'm happy to go wherever you send me, though!


I've got a four-part vocal chorale, using a very basic setup--instruments 1-4 all on separate tracks in the arrange window. I wanted to print out a master score and figured out how to get all the parts showing on a single page in the Score window, so mission accomplished.


Or so I thought. Now I want to print just the individual parts and for some reason all I can see is instrument 4 in the Score window. Doesn't matter which track I've got highlighted in the arrange page, I still only see instrument 4 in the Score window.


What's my problem?





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Pressing the up arrow in the upper left hand corner of the score editor local menu and double clicking on the white background of the score do exactly the same thing.

They move you up a level ( visual level).  So when I say press the up arrow button ( you can use either method)


When you aren't sure what is going on - you can always press the up level button ( or double click the score background) a few times to take you to the highest level ("All instrument") - You can see this in the filter drop down menu of the inspector.


You should now see all the instruments in the score.... Now double clicking on the staff of one of them, will drop you down a level ( to the instrument level so you see only that instrument in the score ) - If you are not using score sets, this is the level you want to be at to print out a part.

( if you go down another level to the region level - just go back up a level or several levels(if you aren't sure exactly where you are at) till you see the part you want to display and double click it to display only that part.  You can print from there.


As long as you are not at the region  level - you can also select which instrument you want displayed from the filter drop down box. Again if things are working the way you expect,  you get lost or confused... Up arrow till the arrow dims ( you ascended to the highest level) and then descend from there to where you want to end up by double clicking on the staff you want to display.....

In the example below... You will see the score window is not displaying what is selected in the arrange window because I have content link turned off.

However, I can navigate up/down to see any instruments I want by either using the up arrow button or double clicking on the white background and descending back down by double clicking in the staff. 


You could also ensure content link is turned on, then what you select in the arrange page will display in the score editor - but be at the region level for which I would need to write 3 more paragraphs to explain.... So the above is a simple to understand solution and works in all cases. 


It also shows you how to use the score editor to navigate up and down the score and parts without concern for what is selected in the arrange window.

The first half the video below shows navigation using the up arrow button while the second half shows navigation using the double clicking on background method.


If you are going to be doing a lot of notation or getting more sophisticated - I highly recommend you use score sets for all your parts and full scores. 



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