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Best Way To Delete Backups, and Older Versions of a Project


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One thing you can do is re-save and consolidate all the current projects in a new folder including all the audio files and custom samples and loops you created, that way they are self-contained.


Once you did that you can delete all the old stuff.

thanks Triplets - so let's say it's just 1 project I'm interested in reducing, I can go straight to the finder under that project file etc... and delete the backup stuff right there?

Won't get any warnings on future openings?

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Did you already delete the unused audio files in Audio Files window? (F key to open it).


Did you already go to Logic / Project Management / Clean up to check what it's purging?

Yea Dave mentioned to me recently about the proper way to do "select unused files" that's what you mean right?

and then do delete on those... after I've down that, than to get rid of back ups I should still do purge? or just from the finder?

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