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4,6 bug?


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Hi! I'm getting that 4,6 weird bug again. I have my global midi set to (Quantize Off) and the notes record as played. However my piano roll shows everything as being quantized as triplets. So annoying! I'd rather the notes just appear as usual as I played them. Any help would be appreciated


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On an empty track you are about to record on, make sure that in the MIDI region inspector, the Quantize parameter is set to Off (as advised by volovicg) and that, before you start recording anything.

On an empty track or when no region is currently selected, the MIDI region inspector is actually displaying Logic's MIDI Thru settings, which applies to all incoming MIDI data being /  to be recorded. (There are exceptions to that, as explained here or there, but that might not apply to your situation).

If all the above does not apply to your issue, have you tried with a fresh new project after restarting Logic? If that resolve the problem, your former project might be corrupted. If that is not resolving your issue, perhaps resetting your pref files is your solution. Or even further, you could try starting Logic under a new user account...

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