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Hey guys, I'm new

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Hey guys, I'm new here. Just thought I'd say a quick hello. Been making music on and off for some time, but recently got a macbookpro+logic pro 7 and i am hooked! So much fun. I am doing a course at uni where we use logic a lot so I am familiar with it. I'll be on here to talk while im on holiday, but I wont be continuing with my music untill I get back. I'm here to talk to like minded indiviuals, and to learn about not just logic but music making and production. Will be intersted in people hearing my stuff when I get back as well. Currently my set up is:


Mac Book Pro 2.4 ghz

Logic Pro 7.2


M-Audio Audiophile

Midi Controller

Mixing Desk


Bass Guitar


I still dont have a mic of my own yet I'm always borrowing them, I intend to buy an NT1000 for £70.



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