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Logic System Timing Issues


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Hi there,


Im having Midi vs Logic timing problems....


It seems that when I have my Delay Plugin settings set to ALL - it puts my system out of sync - the Midi is fired ahead and too early.....however when PDC is set to Audio and Inst, or OFF the MIDI timing is ok....


However I have used Midi and PDC ALL before ok - so Icant work out what the issue is...?


Also - if I route audio into my Saffire it is in time - I can mix with the Saffire mixer program. However - if I put it thru the External Instrument - again - out of time! There is loads of latency......? Am I missing a trick here?


I use:


Logic Pro 7.2.3

Mac Pro

Motu Midi interface

Saffire LE

Liquid Mix (hence PDC)


So any advice on the Midi timing and External Instrument very welcome!




I found A user on here who had a similar problem-however reducing my IO Buffer to 64 didnt help.


I went back to my machine-and opened an old song - its timing was tight WITH MIDI and PDC?! So one of my songs has fine Midi timing - others have problems with PDC.....? I dont get it :(

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