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File could not be saved because the file does not exist


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I'm in the process of rebuilding my system drive.  My old system drive which has legacy files dating back to 2001 is just all junked up.  So I've installed a new SSD drive in the same computer and am starting from scratch.  But when I'm working on Logic projects I sometimes get this message.

"The file could not be saved because the file does not exist"   What the heck does that mean?

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It looks like Logic is still looking for the old path on the old drive. Try this:

  1. Open Logic and create a new dummy project (a project with anything in it, or nothing in it, doesn't matter).
  2. Choose File > Save.
  3. If necessary click the arrow button to the right of the Save as field to make sure your Save dialog is in browser view. 
  4. Click the pop-up menu at the top of the browser and choose 'fretnoise's Mac' (or whatever your Mac is named).
  5. In the browser, navigate to Macintosh HD/Users/{your-user-name}/... to the location where you want to save your project. 
  6. Save.


Now try to save your real Logic project again? 

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Just to follow up on the thread. I write music for games, I'm working on a game for Uber.  I have a folder that I have used for a few years called Games.  If I try to save to that folder I get the error.  But when I created a new folder on the same drive for this specific game it saved.  So, success!  I'm just curious why?  Is there a limited number of files that can be stored in a folder?
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You can put 2 billion items in a folder.


It looks like some of the paths in the files got corrupted when you changed your hard drive. If you must save the file in the folder A (the one that won't let you), try to save it to another location B, then move the file inside folder A to a safe location, and now try to save the one in location B back to folder A.


But if it's no big deal to save to another folder then I wouldn't bother. 

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My two cents are that there may be a permission rights issue here, and your user account on your new system driver may not have the proper rights over your legacy folder on your Audio drive (while it will have the proper rights on any new folder you create on that drive) which may explain why you can save into a new folder but not in the legacy one.

Try using Disk Utility and repair your various volumes, and also repair permissions.

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