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How do you keep your Logic machine (Macbook Pro maintenance) clean?

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I'm using the free version of Piriform's CCleaner. It let's you 'include' or 'exclude' what files/folders you want to trash. Also does a decent job of removing most applications that you want to uninstall. But, sometimes it doesn't uninstall all related to certain applications. 
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I am willing to spend money on app purchase to keep my machine clean (for optimal performance). I have a macbook Pro (Early 2011, 1TB hd, 16gb ram, only used for Logic Pro X)

My suggestion is, if it ain't broken, don't fix it. I wouldn't install any Mac cleaning utility unless there's a specific issue with my Mac that I'm trying to fix and that requires that app. A lot of those apps create more issues than they resolve! 


One thing I recommend for optimal performance is to always have a large amount of empty space on your hard drives (20 to 25% of the drive's capacity is the usual recommendation). 

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I don't use any third party cleaning apps but I do use Daisy Disk to easily check my hard drive space and to see what is taking up space. 

I don't know Daisy Disk but OS X has gotten better at showing you what is taking up space. I'm assuming Daisy Disk is more detailed that that. 

Storage Use.png

Yup, I've seen the new disk analyzer thingy in newer versions of the OS but Daisy Disk goes a bit further and shows you the actual folder/file names themselves. So you can pinpoint exactly what is hogging up space.

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