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Critique?  I'll try ... Although I will be the first to confess that this is not a favorite genre of mine, perhaps it might (or, might not) be useful to you that it isn't.  So, here goes.


The first minute-and-a-half of the song is obviously based on a single loop, with the audience-interest being maintained by the "other" things that are added to it: e.g. a thing that I'll just call a "whoop."  (I don't know the lingo ...)  What catches me off-guard is that these "interest(ing)" things remain quiet, while the initial loop remains front-and-center loud.  Also, since the loop is a total "repeat," I found my ear waxing more than a little bit impatient for something more.


You can more-or-less see from the SoundCloud waveform that nothing really changes until 01:19 when what would ordinarily be called "a 'middle eight'" comes in ... except that it continues until 01:47 when the original motif (after having traded a few tennis-balls with the middle eight for ten seconds or so) reappears ... exactly as it was ... for the conclusion of the piece.


Now, maybe this is exactly what the audience expects and I am (koff, koff ...) just "an old fogey," but I found the piece to be tedious.  I wanted to hear a lot more musical variety, a lot sooner, and when a new musical idea was introduced I expected to hear it "step up to the microphone" as a previous lick "graciously stepped back."


Also, I found my expectations to be ... unfulfilled.  For instance, upon hearing the ubiquitous "riser" effect, I anticipated that it would actually "rise to" something of interest.  It never did.  Thus, it was:  

 ... without the Johnny.  :?


To my ear, this composition "is too content to 'sit on its own laurels' too much."  It dawdles(!) around(!!) for thirty(!!!) seconds(!!! !!!) at a time, repeating(!) the same(!!) musical ideas without any sense of development.  I suggest that you slice this period in half.  Let new ideas appear about every fifteen seconds and last for about forty-five.  (This does seem to be a musical genre with a fairly-large number of 'mechanical' expectations ...)  And, let some of those "new" ideas actually consist of "truly-new" ideas which are purposely accompanied by a deliberate re-statement of something that we have heard before.  


Let the overall "story arc" of the song ... and, yes, it should have one ... generally consist of this sort of episodic development.


Throughout the song (which is generally anchored by the first motif that has been introduced ...), let it be that a variety of other musical ideas are introduced, and featured.  Then, at some point in the "story," the initial idea completely yields the microphone to another, and maybe then to yet-another, before finally reclaiming it to finish out the piece. Meanwhile, let some of the musical ideas appear by themselves, while others always have a chaperone. (In any case, over time, our ears become familiar with each one of them.)  


Now, become the puppet-master that you are:  Treat us to increasingly-complex mixtures and juxtapositions of them (and we see that they, in fact, belong together ...) as the story winds up to its conclusion.  We will applaud.


(koff, koff ...)

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