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Recording MIDI overlap playback issue...


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When Im recording midi there seems to be an issue. Usually (ideally) when recording on cycle, the region previously recorded is not played back while the new region that is being played records normally. However, Ive come across an issue where the previous region playback while Im recording. And sometime it doesn't. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this. Any suggestions?


Thanks, Dan

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10.06 had a better MIDI record scheme.  As for replace.  There are two ways in which replace is chosen. One on the MIDI recording settings in the Project Settings>Recording settings.  Also, the "x" on the transport. In either case, when you record you will "erase" the previous region information. Much like an Analogue Tape recorder of my youth.  I find this the most productive way to work.  Chose an area to cycle and record that section.  If I didn't like what I recorded, I'll do it again, wiping the previous take.  Before 10.2.x this would work as expected.  But now, with the various MIDI Recording options, strange things happen, parts of regions disappear if I'm using the "replace" mode.  The other options seem to either generate a bunch of material that I don't want or wipe stuff that I do want or leave stuff that I don't want.  All unacceptable.  It's a little better in 10.2.4, but I still prefer the MIDI recording scheme of LP9 or LPX 10.0.x


I've littered up this forum with enough of my rants in regard to this, so let me just say...COME ON APPLE... FIX THIS... GIVE ME A REPLACE WITH OVERLAP OPTION...

Okay.. I'll go back to work now..


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Hey thanks I see what your saying now...hmmm shitty that there truly isn't a better option. Im hearing people are switching over to Ableton as it its programmed completely differently. It's like Apple doesn't even give a s#!+. Just KILLS THE FLOW! Which is essentially to any musician and my parents are in highest paid orchestra in Canada. I bitch and complain about logic all the time...Im thinking hard about switching but learning a whole new DAW is a mission within itself. Thanks for your input. PS I couldn't even find replace in the MIDI recording settings...all I have under is the options that I said before. Bizarre. THANKS THOUGH!
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