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CPU vs external USB drive

Ladislav Mertlik

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without knowing your exact setup and proposed setup it's hard to know.

I have added my signature.

When playing virtual instruments - like Embertone String Bundle - huge sound libraries in GB... with buffer 256, is CPU load nearly on max.

HD load - nothing visible.

I do not want to set up higher buffer because of latency.

Virtual instrument producers suggest to keep sound libraries on internal Hard Drive for best performance.

Several discussion on internet suggest to split data among more physical Hard Drive units /usb external etc.../

Did I reach maximum with my iMac configuration and better results can serve just MacPro with more Cores? Is CPU main reason to use MacPro for Musical Purposes?

What shall I try to configure?

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I've seen several posts here on this forum regarding performance issues when using Kontakt, which is used with the Embertone, right ? I suggest scrolling through a couple of those posts, there are some things you can configure in it to improve it's performance. (Don't use it myself so can't advice) 
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