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??? Specific Note Repeat Assignment


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I'm not sure what you're asking is possible in Logic. You can't toggle Note repeat on and off like that as you're playing. It has to be turned on or off before you play a note. 


You can choose what key command you'd like to use to toggle Note Repeat on/off by choosing Logic Pro X > Key Commands > Edit and searching for "Note Repeat". Now click "Learn by Key Label" and press whatever key or key combination you want to assign to it. 

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Heres the problem. If you open the Note Repeat tool, then check Key Remote, the octave key range is C-1 thru C0. Now if I open lets just say Ultrabeat or ESX24 to play my instrument (hi hats), I cannot quickly change the note repeat pattern because the keys are being used by the note repeat options. So in order to change my hi hat pattern I'd have to continually scroll up and down on the octaves to go from the hi hat key to the note repeat keys.
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