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Logic going out of sync when deleting or moving around arrange window to fast?


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Hi I've posted this problem some time ago but Im still suffering with it. 


When I use the undo command or just delete logic goes out of sync for a split second or 2? also when I navigate around the arrange page I get little slips or glitches?


Ive tried everything I can think of and everything suggested by UAD but still the problems persist?


my system was a brand new set up with UAD apollo TB,  logic x  both installed on a brand new Imax i7 27inch in January and Ive had this problem ever since. I don't seem to have this issue with Ableton or maschine and the apollo seems to run fine any other time? its just when I use logic I get the out of sync glitches??


any help my appreciated as Ive exhausted UAD support.



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Hi Atlas


I don't get the issue when UAD is offline and cpu and hd are both virtually zero.. I've just been playing with a project that has 12 audio tracks and no UAD plugins and still the same.. I just noticed that when I was moving my left and right locators I was getting some pops and glitching? Ive tried all the buffer settings etc and currently I'm on the highest setting 1024 and as soon as I start to add UAD plugins in gets more obvious? also when I start using soft instruments or hardware... 


Everything feels nice when its playing through but as soon as I want the move around editing on the fly and undoing steps etc I get glitches and out of sync... Ive done a clean install of everything on a separate account all drivers are up to date etc.  Im now starting the think it may be midi related??  I have the AMT8 interface running the latest drivers 2.5 which are about 6 years old so I was wondering if that could be playing up? 

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Does your UAD audio interface plugged to your Mac via USB?

I've read (from Metric Halo's forums) that El'Capitan is still having (from previous OS versions) issues dealing with audio streaming... According to some, that would be one of the reasons why MH had not moved forward implementing with their new USB architecture cards...

Perhaps that what is biting you....?

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