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Logic changing Instrument when I put into record..


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I have a track CHANNEL strip set up as a Kontakt> instrument.. Whenever I put Logic into RECORD, even just to monitor the instrument..  Logic turns it into a SERUM instrument.  This has happened to me occasionally in the past..  I attributed it to SYSEX commands being sent from my Tryos.. I now, shut off Tyros TRANSMIT of SYSEX commands totally, as I don't really need them.. 


My current project is quite large 500 bars and over 100 tracks, (audio, VI, MIDI)..  It seems whenever I get a project up to this size, Logic starts getting flakey..  I create, save Channel Strips, also save presets in each visual instrument with initials of song, short description..  Then I null out the virtual instrument tracks to save time on load up and CPU..  If I need to go back and fix some notes already turned into audio, I recall the Channel  Strip, make changes, turn into audio, null out channel strip again..


However starting today.. Whenever I put a virtual instrument into 'record' even without recording.  the channel strip changes itself into a hideous SERUM patch.. I checked every track, there is no sysex in any, so I can now assume that is not the cause of the problem.. 


Anyone run into this?  I suppose I can delete the CHANNEL STRIP setting for SERUM, and see if that helps..  I guess the project is some how corrupt.. Normally I would open a new project and drag each track one by one into a new project, but seeing this project is so large. and the deadline is near. I want to avoid that..  




I believe the CHANNEL STRIP was old,  it started with the number 000-  Which I didn't put in the name originally.. I think Logic in an earlier  version numbered the Channel strips but does no longer.  I DELETED the Channe Strip in question. On first attempt, the channel strip DID NOT change into The dreaded Serum patch (although I do love the plug-in)..  


Also a  SECOND QUESTION..  I create quite a LOT  of channel strips per song project.. Can I save or move them into a channel strip folder to go with my song project?..  I do not want them in regular channel strip folder.. cause I'm getting over run with them now..   


I would also like to be able to do that for presets of instruments..  The presets for a certain instrument to a song, are of course in each individual instrument folder. 

As the presets are scattered all over the too many virtual instruments I have..  I do a lot of overdubbing, and I find I have to go back into previous recorded tracks to 'massage' the midi data, to fit, new addition..  I always keep song in complete MIDI format, until it is really in form. By that point after 30-40 virtual instruments, Logic does get flakey and slow, and use up a lot of memory. hence the Channel strip, and nulling out procedure.. 


Look I admit I'm old and having been using Logic since Emagic days,  so it takes me a while to grasp and become comfortable with all the new features Apple adds with every new version..  Somewhat embarrassing, I take a while to get up to speed with new features..  I have learned enough techniques to do what I want with Logic,  and only when they modify or delete that particular process, do I have to dig into videos and learn the NEW  WAY....


(Old dogs learn new tricks more slowly, and only when they have to, than new dogs)


Thanx..  I mutely appreciate the informative and bright moderators here, and the general expertise of a lot of our forum members..  


Mark Styles

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1. Sounds like you are triggering a Program Change message 0 on channel 1. 

You had a Performance Setting saved to that spot and Logic will load that setting for you.


2. There are no direct ways to store channel strip settings for a dedicated project. You can however organize them after project in the channel strip folder if you'd like. Make a folder hierarchy with Channel Strip > Instrument > Individual Projects > Year > xxx. 

Or something like that.

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