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Out of Sync! Add multitracked takes to folder?


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Hi guys, 


I recorded a bunch of takes in a drum session today; during the last couple of takes something went wrong.

It seems there was some issue with the syncing perhaps as although the drummer was tracking along with no issue, as soon as the take was over, the waves were displayed - and playing - 2 beats late.


Odd, but at least I could nudge them 2 beats back and they play back with the track.

The problem is: I recorded the last take over the previous take and the previous take was in sync - thus making Take 3 in the right place and Take 4 playing 2 beats late!

I really need to be able to swipe between the two of them to comp the takes together.

What's the best way to do this?


I've tried unpacking the takes, adjusting the delayed tracks and dragging them back onto the correct tracks but no success.  I also tried hitting the 'pack take folder' option, but it just packs all of the tracks from one take (kick, snare, toms etc etc) onto one track!


Any ideas?

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I would believe that for unknown reasons some wrong tempo info got printed into some of your recorded takes.

Working on a copy of the original recordings, I would be tempted to try unpacking (like you did), then remove tempo data from recorded material, then  re-align the regions the way you tried, flex them if necessary, and finally pack them back again...

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