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Help/Resources to get AC/DC guitar tone in logic pro x direct in using m audio interface


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I am new to the board. I have been trying to find posts on how to get the guitar tone of AC/DC within logic pro x as far as amp, cabinet, mic/cab, and the amp eq settings. I'm sure there are resources out there that help with AC/DC and other popular artists using what is available in Logic Pro X. Your help would be greatly appreciated!




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Hi Grant. Welcome to the forum.


Tony Platt, (who worked on Back in Black) once said: 

"There have been so many times when people have asked me to get them a sound like Angus, and I’ve generally said, ‘We’ll need a Marshall head, we’ll need a Marshall 4x12, we’ll need a Gibson SG and we’ll need Angus. Without them we just won’t have the right combination.’ "


Here's a link to the article. It's an interesting read: http://www.soundonsound.com/people/classic-tracks-acdc-back-black


In all seriousness, a guitar with a humbucker and a Marshall emulation with a 4x12 type cab will get you in the ballpark. 

Try Logic's 'Modern British Metal' channel strip as a starting point. Bypass the Pedalboard, EQ, Compressor and Echo.

Then dial in the amp to taste and experiment with the virtual mic placement.


Hope that helps.



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