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Moving from Logic 9 to Logic X


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The time has come for me to finally make the leap from Logic Pro 9 to Logic Pro X. I have some concerns about this and I can't seem to find the answers. 

  • What happens to things like my channel strip, plug-in and instrument presets?
  • What happens to my custom key commands?
  • What happens to my templates?

Do these things just port over or do I have to face the fact that I will lose them?

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You keep your channel strip and plug-in (both audio effects and instruments) setting: you'll be able to use those in Logic Pro X.


When you install Logic Pro X, it will read your custom key commands from your Logic 9 preference file, so you'll be able to keep those as well.


Your templates and all your Logic 9 files will have to be opened in Logic Pro X which automatically creates a new Logic Pro X file. This works ok but unless your templates are extraordinarily complex I would consider rebuilding them from scratch in Logic Pro X to avoid various issues that could end up in your new projects just because you started them in a template that originated in a Logic 9 template.

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