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Guitar stereo effect pedal with Logic X...how to???

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I was thinking of purchasing the following product so I can use the detune effect in conjunction with Logic X. I am confused how to set up the pedal with my interface (Scarlett 2i2). Would I simply send each input to a separate track within Logic to achieve stereo? Or maybe there is a better way...or better comparable unit?





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Great! Thanks.


What if one wanted to process the left and right independently? I'm wondering if I should spend a little more money and get a unit that lets you adjust the left and right separately? Like the following for example:



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What if one wanted to process the left and right independently?

Then you do as you originally had planned: two mono track set one to input 1 and the other to input 2. If the pedal outputs dry on one output and effect on the other. Then you can add plug-ins, adjust volume and pan each signal independently in Logic.

If you're willing to spend a bit more money you could consider the Boss PS 6 instead.

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Will give the pitch shifter plugin a shot in Logic X!


By the way, I am looking for an Eddie Van Halen 'detune effect'. I believe the settings are close to this description that I pulled off an EVH fan website: 


'detune +9 cents on the right, -9 cents on the left (with about 40%/60% wet dry mix), then mix it down the center (meaning you mix the left and right channels together). When you use delay, use a stereo delay with 250 ms right, 500ms left with a low mix, around 15 percent.'


How do you mix it down the center (mix left and right channels together) in Logic X? I don't understand this part.



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Ended up getting the following 'used' unit. $75 out the door. Sounds great!!! The strange thing is no DI box is needed for this unit. In fact, the unit wouldn't work with the DI box hooked up. As soon I removed the DI box from the signal chain the unit worked great with my guitar.



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