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Program change Lexicon PCM81 thru logic


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Hi there


Ive borrowed a PCM81 with the intention of sending/receiving audio and changing its presets thru logic. First time Ive ever had to use MIDI as I've done everything ITB thus far. The audio routing bit is easy, Ive just set-up a couple of aux strips - a send and receive. This is working fine. Ive read somewhere that this is more versatile than using the I/O plugin. I like the idea of logic telling the PCM81 what preset it needs to recall, based on whatever project Im working on. 


Ive created a multi-intrument on an environment layer called "Outboard". 


Ive gone thru there MIDI settings in the PCM - set the MIDI channel to 16, set prg change to on, set MIDI automation to on.


Ive obviously connected a MIDI cable from my audiobox 44vsl interface to the PCM81.


When I double-click on the multi-instrument object in the environment window and change the pgm number, nothing happens.


What else should I be doing to have Logic change the preset on the PCM?? 


How does logic know to route MIDI to the Audiobox interface? 


Cheers in advance.

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You don't need a multi-instrument, as the PCM isn't AFAIK a multi-timbral box - a regular Instrument object is fine.


In either case, you need to assign the Instrument/Multi-instrument to an arrange track, now MIDI data coming into that track, or recorded on it, gets forwarded to the port/channel the instrument object is set to, and thus onward to your MIDI device - and changing the program change number in the inspector will change the patch on the device.

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Hi des99. 


Cheers for that. 


Ive done as you have suggested. Created a midi instrument object and assigned this to a track.


Another question around this...in the Port setting in the inspector - Im seeing All, IAC Driver Bus 1, nanoKontrol2 & micro key 37 - but no audiobox44vsl - which is my midi interface. Is this right?


Needless to say, I haven't got it working yet.


The audiobox interface is showing up in my midi devices in the Audio Midi Setup app. Ive also tested each pin on my midi cable.



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Hmm.. If the audio interface is installed and working correctly, then it should announce a MIDI IN and MIDI OUT port to the system, and Logic should see all MIDI in/out ports - therefore, when you choose the midi port on the instrument object, the audiobox MIDI OUT *should* be listed there....
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