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Record Enable Missing some Drum Channels


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I'm running Logic 10.2.4 and created a Superior Drummer 2.0 Multichannel mix.  The Record Enable function IS enabled but only on the Kick channel.  I've attached a screen grab of this.  If I highlight the Rack channel and hit record it will record but I am trying to create a few drum fills that will use the Rack and both Floor Toms.  If I select all tracks and hit record it seems to combine them on one track region.


I'm confused.  Can someone please help?




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Hi David!


I did try your suggestion from the beginning of this thread except for bullet #2 because I believe my midi controller (Akai MPK249) handles this already? Dunno...


I was still unable to see the Record Enable on the rack and Floor Toms.  I guess I could take Superior Drummer out of Multichannel and put a separate instance of SD on the Rack, Floor 1 and Floor 2.  


Thoughts and suggestions welcome...please!

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I don't know if this is any help, but here's what I do with EZDrummer. When I drag midi loops from the EZDr browser, they go onto a single midi track in Logic. I then edit the midi data to taste, tweaking hits, fills, etc. Once I'm satisfied with the drums, I record each midi channel to audio on a different channel strip using EZDr's multi-output option. At that point you should be able to record-enable whichever audio channel strips you like. Would that work?



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