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Copy & Paste is off by 2 Measures


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Hi Everyone

My copy and paste in the score editor is suddenly 2 measures off! The whole program has been glitchy lately actually. Stuttering, freezing, having to reset, but this copy & paste thing is ridiculous. I do happen to be on an on MAC Pro Tower and I haven't upgraded the OS yet because I read it makes my DUET obsolete. I don't know if thats the problem or there is something within the program itself I can adjust. 





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This is typically caused by one of two things..

1/ project start marker not set to 1,1,1,1 or and more likely

2/ you have meta data (BPM marking, text, dynamics etc ) that are earlier that the region start point.   Correction is to expand the region to the left - place the play head where you want to cut the region, cut it and delete the left part yo don't want ( instead of moving the region start to the right).

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