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Please tell me Why Logic Keeps RE FREEZING ???


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All I'm doing is adding a track, or making changes in a  track that was never frozen to begin with...


It's not sending any outs or sends or bus to any track that is/was frozen.


It's a midi track that's unrelated...  Anything to do about this?  I have to wait 1 minute after every change I make before playback..


 And I can't unfreeze everything as the project won't run if I don't  - different problem - not everything btw, but about 2/3 of the tracks

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No... you got some voodoo going  on..  Is the project corrupt?.... Can you go back to an earlier version - does it work?


Log on as another user, and run the song..  Then does it work?.. do your other songs still work? - if so it's something wrong with that song, or a plug-in it's using.. Reset any Virtual instruments, tp not have an instrument. Leave the midi data.. 


Better yet, make a channel strip, for each track.. label it well.. Then Clear each track.. except for the one in question.. still got a problem.. Go to Logic prefs and delete the two plists..  All you will lose is any shortcut key assignments you made.. When Logic starts  up again.. it will create new plists..


Export the troubled track.  start a new project, import the troublesome track. does it work then.. 


Go to activity monitor are there any processes that are hogging up cpu power?...   I've got a mystery myself.. This process called 'update checker'  I don't know what app it belongs to.  but it gets activated.. eventually consuming 99% of CPU power, then Logic gets real weird, Measure counter doesn't move properly, virtual instruments, particularly Kontakt> instruments take a LONG time or Logic just hangs up.. I force quite that process in activity monitor and Logic comes back to life..


If other song projects are working fine.. it's something to do with your current one..  Export what you can out of current one. go back to earlier version, till you find one with no problems. than add the later tracks you made.. It's best to write  tracks down, so as to keep track of them..  I give long names to regions, with initials of Song, instrument patch name. I save a patch for the instrument. and I save a channel strip for the track..  I then delete instruments, EFX from the track, but leave the Channel Strip.. This saves power.. 


Check how much memory. Memory is very important. If there is not enough. Logic has to write stuff to drive and then again retrieve, thus drastically slowing things gown. Lastly make sure your system drive has 1/4 empty space.. If system drive gets too full, Logic will screw up.. And if you get down to NO drive space.. The OS will start eating itself up.. 


As a last resort, (and it's not that heavy at all). boot up in 'recovery mode'. and recover from OS from Apple.. It will take a while.. It  will install a new clean copy of OS.. Everything will stay intact..  Logic and a lot of apps, use portions of OSX code, to do functions, thus making the app smaller, less prone to problems.  Occasionally the OSX itself gets corrupted.. 


This will bring your computer back to like new  operation..  

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