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Please help with clefs in Score Editor!


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Ohmygoodness am I frustrated and have I wasted so much time on this!  Please help!  


There is really only one type of file/score I create in Logic...sheet music for piano entered by MIDI using software piano instruments.  My preferred workflow is the right hand in one track (Track #1 on top in the recording window), and the left hand in a second track (Track #2, below it, in the recording window).  


The frustration comes from having each hand isolated in its own track, and trying to get the sheet music to print in a traditional piano clef. 


I have succeeded in getting this done in certain files,...when I highlight both Track #1 and Track #2, they appear in the Score window as treble and bass parts on a piano clef... but it seems to have been done by chance, and I cannot duplicate it.  Frustratingly, I attempt to re-record new music in these existing files to try to keep the Score settings as I like them, but find that they change.  


How can I create a template file with Track 1 as the treble part and Track 2 as the bass part in a piano clef when both tracks are highlighted?  Or--since I've found that I can easily mess up an existing score--how can I return to this format if somehow I mess it up?  


If anyone solves this for me, I promise I will name my firstborn child after you!

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Confirm this is what you are looking to do.....see attached

1/ Record and notate the right hand on a treble staff

2/ Record and notate the left hand on a bass staff ( separately )

3/ be able to see both staves in the score editor when done.




Basic steps.

1/ create two tracks and in the track inspector of the arrange window "staff style parameter" select treble for the right hand track

2/ do the same for the left hand track and assign it the "staff style of bass"  

The above will ensure immediately during and after recording the correct staff style will be used.

3/ Record enable Track 1 and record the right hand.

4/ when done Record disable track 1 and Record enable track 2 and record again using the left hand.

When done... Hit the "up level" icon in the upper left of the score editors local menu UNTIL IT DIMS ( this means you are at the all instruments view and will see both tracks in the score editor).

That's it.  When things don't look right.... Make sure that up arrow is dimmed.


There are many "visual" level in logic's score editor and they are there for a purpose - but when you only have one region per track - it may not seem to make sense. But it really does.


I also used a score set ( more for formatting) however the above is still applicable.

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There are many ways to do Piano Parts 


I usually follow the following procedure: 


1. Make a Region with Pencil Tool - Open Score Editor - Choose A Staff Style with at least 2 MIDI Channels

( see GREEN arrow)  - in the example I have Piano 1/2  this means the top stave is Midi Channel 1 and Bottom Stave is Midi Channel 2 ( you could use 1/3 or more complex ones .. up to you) 


2. Play in/ record the midi notes in real time with both hands or one hand at a time it does not matter which - though if you wanted to do play them separately without having to change or separate the notes afterwards you could set you midi keyboard to play on Channel 1 exclusively for the right hand top stave, and then for the left hand set the Midi Channel to 2 and the Left hand notes will all come out on the bass bottom stave... my example is all on channel one because I prefer to just play them in with both hands at the same time and separate later


3. Assuming you might want to try this method of playing them all at once ( which to me gives a more interesting natural piano part, though of course if you are composing formally then you might not want to do this) initially your notes will be on the same Midi Channel ( in this case channel 1) and they will look jumbled on the same stave because unseparated ( orange line) 



4. You need to become familiar with key commands • Event channel +1    Event channel -1

Select the notes you want to drop to the left hand and then use Event Channel +1 to change the notes to Channel 2

( If you were using Piano 1/3 Staffstyle you would have to use "Event Channel +1 two times to add up to 3)


4. If you accidentally change the notes to say Channel 5 they will disappear from the Score, but you can always find and select them them in the Piano Roll ( blue arrow) and change them back. ( You can also quantise and adjust the timings in the Piano roll to help make the Part sound and look right ). 


5. The notes underlined in RED are already separated


Hope this helps :) 


PS File uploaded if anyone wishes to check it out 

Piano Score in Progress.logicx 2.zip

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Thank you, gentlemen, for such amazingly detailed and diagrammed answers!  


The key for me was--as Music Spirit states--getting familiar with changing the channel for my Regions.  I had already figured out how to get the Score to a Piano Style, but it was that key step--taking the left-hand part and putting it on Channel 2--that did the trick!  


Volovic, your method (with the 'Up' arrow) worked also, but did not give me a true Piano score staff, but a Treble and a Bass staff together with a line between them.  


My firtborn will now be named 'Volovic spirit'

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