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audio segment volume adjust query


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hi guys. can any one please advise me how to adjust the volume of a recorded section of audio. i have been using cubase for 20 years and on cubase you just select the audio segment and a handle appears to drag the volume up or down. i know that i can adjust the volume of an audio segment using  gain normalising in an editor, but this method is really slow and time consuming compared to the cubase drag up/down method. generally when I'm editing vocals i cut the track into segments and drag the quiet segments up in volume and bring down the very loudest segments to create an equal volume without needing amounts of compression. so thats why i would like to do this simply and quickly. I'm sure logic is capable of something this simple so maybe i am missing something. thanks in advance for your replies. buddha
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Audio "segment" (= region by Logic's terminology) gain is accessible via the Inspector, as you noted and danyg signaled, but unfortunately in Logic it is only accessible from there AFAIK.


To get level "handles" over the regions, the best is probably for you to rely on Automation (more probably relative volume automation, so that you can keep absolute volume automation for other purposes if need be).

Once you have cut your vocal recording into regions, select them all, activate automation, display relative level on the automation lane for that track and, for all selected regions, do:

Mix > Create Automation > Create 2 Automation Points at Region Borders

Now the relavive volume automation curve is cut into (independent) pieces for each region, and you can move them up (+X dB) or down (-Y dB) to adjust relative level of the various regions, like you would use gain handles.


Note that there are also other ways to do so, even without cuting your audio into various regions or relying on automation, if you activate Flex Pitch for that audio, because then each of the detected notes has its own gain handle in the Audio Track Editor. But you don't have as full a control because you cannot easily adjust where detected notes start/stop (i.e. what segment of audio the level adjustments will affect). However, depending on what you need to achieve, this may be very quick to do.

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You're welcome! I see what you mean. Actually, if you try any of the above, you'll see it's pretty quick to achieve (reading it may look complex but doing isn't really) and gets to a result that's pretty close to what you want to achieve. Still, that's not as straightforward as a gain handle on the audio regions themselves for sure.

Maybe you could send a feature request to Apple, they have a feedback form for that:



I have personnaly experienced them reacting to such bug reports or feature requests in the past so at least it's worth doing it. In the meantime, can't help you any better than suggest you try the above.

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