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Free plugin download not showing up on every tracks...plus a few random plugin questions


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Hi there !!


Hope you guys all right !!

So yeah...i ve recently spent a bit of time downloading some free plugins from different companies...which are all pretty cool in their own way actually !!

Just had a tiny issue with one of them :  Glitchmachines Hysteresis....which unfortunately doesn't show up on every track (midi audio stereo mono...doesnt matter)

It only shows up on certain midi tracks and certain audio tracks for some reason...


I did the "reset/rescan selection" manipulation inside the plugin manager, but it doesn't seem to do anything...just opens an "au validation result" blank window

Hysteresis has been fully validated and is ticked/enabled in the plug in manager list

Does anyone knows how to sort this out so Hysteresis shows up on every track ??

The question also goes for any free downloadable AU/VST plugin...


I know Logic doesn't support VST format by itself, but do i still need to install the VST version for those free plugins ?...can it be useful for anything else ?

So far i've only installed the AU format obviously


Can anyone tell me how to properly run VST plugins inside Logic pro 10.2.4 ?

Is there any particular problems i shd know about running VSTs inside Logic (cpu use, crackles, pops...whatever) ?

I ve read there s softwares that actually allow you to use VSTs in Logic, but i don't know anything about that...so i go on the safe side and ask you guys opinion ah!

As you people know, free VSTs outnumber free AU format...by far !!....

Depending on what i need, sometimes i have no option but to skip the free plugin coz it's only VST and only run on windows...shame

Hopefully you can guide me thru all this so i can benefit even more from all those great free plugins online

Thx in advance for your answers and advices

Peace from France


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Oh yeah also....

When i open some of those free plugins, they re not ON straight away...i have to click the ON/OFF button (top left) to enable them....and they don't stay ON either when i stop the music...i have to do that every time....a bit weird and annoying....

Therefore they stop being ON every time i play/stop on the project...impossible to work with...

The only way to enable them is to play the project and then click the ON/OFF button on the plugin in itself while playing...but that does not change anything as they go back automatically OFF when i stop the music....

Explanations someone ??

Thx !!

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