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Does Logic Remote *REALLY* work well?

The Beatsmith

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I have an iPad and an iPhone 5s, and 4,1/5,1 Mac Pro which has Bluetooth but no WiFi.


Logic Remote has been terrible at working over Bluetooth, so I gave up after trying a few times. I thought it would be a nice compliment to my control surfaces for adjusting EQ and cool stuff like that, but it just never worked/connected.


Recently I've been recording myself a lot more and the room is big, so I'm often not near the desk. Getting my singer to work Logic is like pulling teeth.


If I bought a WiFi/Airport card for my computer, does Logic Remote on an iPad really work well, or is it laggy and troublesome with connections?





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Hi Ed, 


I have an iPad Air 2 and Logic Remote works instantaneously here, as if it was plugged into a USB or serial port. Same results with my girlfriend's iPad 4 and a friend's iPad 3rd gen. We have a Time Capsule (Airport Extreme) running the "N" version of wi-fi. 


I don't know much about the inner workings of wi-fi, but a friend suggested the following and it seemed to improve the wi-fi connectivity in our house overall: 


1. Use the 5ghz channel

2. Log off wi-fi devices not in use like desktops, other iOS devices


Just passing this along. :-)

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I have had (in the past) inconsistent results, in a setup where I have my Mac creating a wifi network and having the iPad connecting to it (my Studio is located in a place without wifi, I use a Ethernet connection to connect to the outer world).

Sometimes it worked, sometimes connexion would be lost repeatedly. Erratic. Besides, as the (unpluged) iPad would go on sleep mode, connexion would most often be lost (but not always) when waking it up.


Also I had reported various bugs I had encountered in another post almost a year ago (see link below), without any luck.



But this was with former versions of Logic (10.2.0) and Logic Remote, I have not tried to use it since a while, and I've read that both a new version of Logic Remote exists, and possibly work bette with the newer version of Logic (10.2.4) that I have not yet installed.

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