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A Good way to keep Outputs when using 2 audio devices?Remap Outputs?


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Hi I'm using Logic with fireface800 when I'm in one place,  and when I travel to another place (I'm traveling between 2 places) I use Presonus audio interface.


Both audio devices have 2* ADAT . Problem for me is:


when I'm doing projects in Fireface800, all the instruments' output are correct to Fireface 800's output, such as instrument A  Output 11-12 means Fireface ADAT 1-2 while Instrument B Output 17-18 means Fireface ADAT 7-8


but when I went to another place one day later using another audio interface,  that Output 11-12 does not mean ADAT 1-2 anymore, so I have to adjust all the outputs of all the different instruments every time I travel.... 


In cubase there's a 1 click button to recall the presets of output mapping,  in digital performer there's something similar , I think is there anything to solve this in Logic?

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There's no direct way to remap outputs as David signals (which is a pitty), but there's an indirect way to save a lot of time, especially if you configure this in a Template that you would use for all your projects:

* In the mixer, create 8 aux returns, and name them for instance VOut1-2 (for Virtual Output 1-2), VOut3-4, etc.

* Instead of routing each and every of your tracks to Output 11-12, etc, when using your Fireface (and something else when using your Presonus audio interface), always route them to VOut1-2, VOut3-4, etc.

If you do so, when you change audio interface, you only have to manually change the routing of the 8 aux returns (e.g. routing the output of VOut1-2 to "Output 11-12" when using the Fireface), instead of the routing of each and every track in your project.

This still involves some manual action, but at least only minimal.

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