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Using Hammond XK-2 drawbars to control VI


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I have a Hammond XK-2 and am trying to use it as a controller for Acoustic Samples B-5 organ.

The XK apparently is exporting sysex, but it is coming into Logic as CC#80, and each drawbar is a range of value 9. So drawbar 1 is CC80 0-8, drawbar 2 is cc80 9-17 etc.


I found this https://www.bome.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=11976 , using a midi translator to convert sysex to CC info. I can probably make this work but am wondering if there's a way that I can use the Environment to create a set of drawbars that can be controlled by the XK-2.


Ideally, someone has already done this and can send me the environment and I can get on with my life. 

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