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saving Varispeed on all stems

Rick Sands

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Hello all,

I'm using varispeed for the first time, and have successfully raised the tempo of the track from 90 bpm to 98bpm.

A few questions, the playback is not letting me hear the guitar stem - (even though the little CPU meter doesn't appear overly taxed)

also - I'm committed to making the change, so where do I go from here? How do I save it to all stems?



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Varispeed is not really meant to permanently affect the tempo of your project (or stems you would bounce out of that project). It's primarily meant to temporarily affect the tempo at which your project is played back (from within the project) so that for instance you can record a particularly tricky and complex part at a lower tempo (which will afterwards play along at the regular tempo of the project, i;e. at a higher tempo than recorded, when you disengage varispeed).


If you want to permanently affect the tempo of your project, you first need to make sure that all audio material is Flex enabled and/or has tempo information in it, so that all audio regions can have the "follow tempo" ticked in the Inspector (*), and then change the tempo of the project itself.


From then on, any stem you bounce will be at the new tempo.


(*) There are exceptions, such as music for movie (but too long to explain here), or "one shot" audio regions (such as a crash cymbal individual hit) for which you don't want the "Follow tempo" checkbox be ticked, so that their length does not change when you change the tempo of the project.

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