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Streaming with OBS while recording with Logic, CPU issues


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So! My setup is as follows:


I have mics and everything running into my MOTU Traveler. Aggregate Device is created to combine MOTU + Soundflower. I record live in Logic, have some plug-ins running for nice sound quality. MOTU gives us sound to our headphones, and Soundflower sends the sound source into OBS, which allows us to stream live on Twitch.


Up until now, I've had no issues with audio lag, or any video/sync problems. All has been well. I used to use just one webcam (Microsoft Lifecam), because the built-in FaceTime camera was very laggy with the OBS program.


What changed: just updated to Sierra, and the FaceTime camera is working flawlessly. So, I now have a two-camera setup using both cams. Everything else is the same.


Now, Logic is giving me CPU spikes, and random clicks & pops while recording.


I don't think it's an issue of too many plug-ins, because I bypassed all of them as a test, but still had the clicks & pops.


Buffer size is at 256 right now, I tried all of them and this one worked the best with the least delay. Low Latency is also on.


Do you think simply the two-cam setup is too much for the Mac to process? I'd really like to use it now that my second cam is actually stable.


Thank you.


[Link to vid from the saved stream - fast forward to the middle: https://youtu.be/RhEz2PiO8Bg]

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can you put more memory into your MacBook Pro..  That is what I would question  first.. I'm not familiar with you computer, 2.3 GHz quad core, might not be enough power to dod all that.  As an experiment simplify your process, (cut out camera's - audio OK?  one camera - everything OK?.. two camera's.. try the ideas listed below.  Are you streaming live music and video in real time?   can you borrow/get a 2nd computer run video on that, send audio from logic computer to 2nd.. (share the work load?)


Is all sound coming in from motu? can you shut off software monitoring and still get what you need.. Usually with audio a larger buffer gives relief from clicks and pops.. Have you played with various I/O buffer, processing threads, and processor buffer range, multithreading.. If you can monitor from audio from live input from Motu, shut off live tracks audio device prefs.devices.multithreading.. 


If you have enough space on your SSD, record your audio on on that.. (i record audio there, when project is finished I copy project to a RAID.. What speed is F/W session Drive?   400 might not be fast enough.. 


I never had much luck with aggregate devices,  too flakey, but that was several years ago.  Does your computer have a jack so you could run a RAID?


I've never attempted anything you're doing, so I'm stabbing in the dark.. maybe this will trigger an idea for you check out.. good luck


Mark Styles

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I appreciate your lengthy response, but I don't see a reason to add more RAM when this setup was working just fine with El Capitan.


After a bit more experimenting, I figured out the issue (or, I'm closer to the issue)


The way I have my routing set up, I am sending out 5-6 and cycling back in 5-6, basically to allow me more headphone jacks from the MOTU. This also allows me to send the full Logic audio through Soundflower to OBS.


I deleted these extra bus tracks, and the delay and the clicks/pops went away immediately. Now I don't know if that's due to removing the extra bussing, or removing Soundflower, or removing the Aggregate Device set up, but all i can say is that it worked. Both with video and without.


So, this leads me to believe that there is an issue with Soundflower, an issue with Aggregate devices, or, having the extra bussing is just too much for the CPU to handle now that Sierra is installed.


Sierra, by the way, is leaking memory all over the damn place. As I type this, the only app I have open is Safari, and my RAM is down to 9GB free.... 7GB being used just for Safari?!

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