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itunes alternative for mac/iphone


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Hi folks,


I have searched high and low online but I just can't find what I'm looking for. 


Before you say anything, I know my Mac is old but I'm determined to finish this album before I upgrade my setup. That being said, I stupidly upgraded my iphone 5c to ios10 and now it won't sync with itunes 11.4 on my Mac (spec below). Not only am I unable to sync/backup etc but I can't now use my iphone to listen to tracks, something which I now find essential. I have tried downgrading back to ios9 using ipsw to no avail. Itunes just won't recognise the iphone.


If anyone can suggest alternative software or methods for 1. music transfer 2. iphone sync, I will be most grateful. 


Unfortunately, I can't upgrade my OS as this will make my O1X redundant and replacing it will trigger the avalanche of upgrades I'm trying to avoid.


Many thanks.

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I once used an app called diskaid a year or so back, purely as i got it in a bundle from the macappware people (Spamming bunch they are), looks like it's called 'iMazing' now, diskaid worked really well though, and i was able to get data on and off the phone manually, so i can only presume that iMazing works just as well.
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Thanks for the info but I've decided to be a good citizen and upgrade my computer so the issue has gone away. I did nearly gag last week when I saw Apple proclaiming their 'green' credentials. I now have a perfectly good computer gathering dust in a corner. 
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