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Midi Triggering while scrubbing forwards/backwards and pushing play


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I've had this problem for a while now and have never gotten to the bottom of it.  It's starting to effect some of my third party instruments.  I've attached a vid to show you what is happening.  Ill give you a run down of the software I'm using within LPX.  I'm using Ivory II, which you're hearing in the video.  Thats the sustain pedal triggering every time I scrub which is triggering a weird value in the MIDI activity area in the transport.  Does anyone know what that is or how to fix this problem?




Thanks in advance for your help

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Apologies on being completely naive to all this.  I found the manual to my Kawai ES4 Digital Piano.  It says CC64 is the Damper Pedal.  Does this info help?  How would I go about keep Logic from triggering that when scrubbing etc?  Logic is actually sending MIDI info even when I'm not doing anything...


Logic sitting still:



Kawai ES4 Manual Screenshot:


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Yes, it seems like its stopped.  I should say I'm also using an Akai MK25 and that seems to be sending random control messages as well.  Those don't seem to be effecting anything though.  The whole reason I started to look into this is because I think that one MIDI polyphonic aftertouch is switching articulation settings within another piece of string software.  I'm using Albion ONE and although it doesn't seem to be doing it right now, its been doing it.  I attached a vid re-enacting what it does when that polyphonic message is sent out in Logic:



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