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Can't find instrument/preset in Alchemy


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Hello Logic Pro X users. I am a new poster and am familiar with having the common courtesy of searching for the answer to a question before posting, which I have done. So here I am unable to find the answer, it's difficult to word this question in the first place but in the image I have below, I have instrument 13 which I do not know the name of and cannot find in Alchemy listening to the different sounds. I have tried searching the for the terms that appear in the presets for this instrument but that exact combination does not appear. I have also tried searching based on the comments about the instrument "Aftertouch introduces filtering and rhythmic gating" but that doesn't appear either. Obviously this instrument/preset has to be available in Alchemy somewhere but it doesn't appear anywhere in Alchemy and I can't do anything with the instrument/preset unless I duplicate the track, which doesn't help me in the future. Does anyone have any tips?1274167339_Untitled2.thumb.png.c58d4e2ba485738afa7f9e39d98ab299.png
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