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Synce Video to audio in project


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So we recorded a live show off the mix board at the venue.  Now I am mixing in in logic.  But I also have the video footage.  I brought the video footage into logic but I was wondering if there was a way to sync the video footage that I brought into logic with the audio I am mixing. So as I am mixing I can watch the video and see how it all sounds and looks together?
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I'm no expert in this area but thought I'd give it a shot since you've been waiting...the audio and video need to have the same frame rate. So it's a matter of changing one frame rate to fit the other, most likely the audio to match the video. 


Audio for video is traditionally recorded & rendered at 48kHz. If the audio was recorded at another sample rate and you want it to be standardized for posterity (or further pro distribution), do all of your audio editing and use a high quality sample rate converter (from x to 48kHz) as the final edit on your audio track(s). One of the most highly regarded sample rate converters is iZotope's SRC which comes standard in two excellent audio editors, Triumph by Audiofile Engineering and Sound Forge Pro for Mac by Sony (Triumph costs a lot less). 


Hope this gets you going. 

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