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Logic I/O problem

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Im trying to use a Sherman Filterbank with the I/O plug-in in Logic but all I'm getting from the signal is a low level distortion. Ive also switched out the Filterbank for a Stymon Deco pedal and I'm getting the same problem (more silence though, with the occasional low level noise).


Ive connected the input and output through a Fireface UFX and Im using unbalanced cables.


Sherman I/O is Input 11 Output 3.


I have two other bits of hardware connected (stereo) using the I/O and they work fine. 


Couple of screen shots attached.


Any help would be great, thanks in advance.



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Your routing looks wrong in TotalMix:


  1. Lower the AN3-4 fader on the second row all the way while Main is selected on the 3rd row.
  2. Select AN 3 on the third row and raise the AN3-4 to unity on the second row. 


That should probably be everything that is needed.

If it still doesn't work you can post a screenshot of TotalMix FX's matrix view and I'll try to help you out further.

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Hi Eric,


Wonder i you could take a look at another I/O problem Im having.


Im trying integrate a Strymon Big Sky via the I/O plug and total mix, but I can't for the life of me get it to affect the signal. I think Ive set it up exactly the same way as the other three effects Im using in the same way ( all three work perfectly). Ive not tried to integrate an effect since last time we spoke, so Im thinking Ive missing something really obvious.


Ive attached three screen grabs with a note on. all I'm getting is the dry signal, no effect at all.


Thanks in advance 




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