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Keyboard assignment for mute specific channel?


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I searched around and saw lots of posts about midi assignments for muting specific channels. My question is similar. First, some background. I'm on macOS Sierra with whatever the current version of Logic Pro X is, though I'm not entirely sure that matters. I have output to my main monitors for Output 1/2 (stereo).  Then my headphone banks start at 11/12 and continue. I have sends over to an aux strip that sends what I need to which sets of phones. It works brilliantly well and am quite pleased with myself for setting it up. I usually keep the monitors (Output 1/2) on Mute as I record in the same space as my workstation. Monitors are on, I ruin the recording.


So, is there a way for me to set a key on the keyboard (for example, although it's already assigned, "M"...if you give me an example, go ahead and use M as if it weren't already mapped) to mute and unmute ONLY Output 1/2 strip? I don't have to select it, I don't have to look at it, just push the key and it toggles mute on that channel only?



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