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Logic Pro-Mac OS version recommandation for my system


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Hi Guys !

After long absence from the forum I am back and need advice on setting up best Logic Pro-Mac OS system combo for my iMac:

iMac "Core i3" 3.2 27-Inch Aluminum (Mid-2010) with (for now) 4GB RAM soon to be upgraded to 12GB.

If there's anyone with the same iMac please tell me what's the most trusted Logic Pro X - Mac OS combination.

PS I am running Logic 9.1.6 with OS 10.6.8 on one partition and it' all good and stable but it's time to upgrade to Logic X and slowly make transition.


Thank You

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Thank you triplets, looks like that I am sooooooooo 'retro' that other members feel like it's obsolete to even answer this kind of question  :-)

System requirements for Logic X are higher than Logic 9. The same for OSX versions after Snow Leopard.

I used L9 with Snow Leopard a lot. But once I went past SL more CPU juice and graphic card power was needed.

So if you feel the unsurmountable urge to upgrade to X you need a machine with more or less double the Geekbench benchmarks of the one you have to make it a worthwhile investment. And always go for quad-cores i5 or i7 if you choose iMac, Macbook Pro or Mac Mini (2012 and newer)

Check those scores at http://www.everymac.com to get an idea

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