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MacBook or Mac Pro for Logic

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Hello everybody

I want to buy my new Apple MacBook PRO Retina 15.4 "(i7 2.7GHz / 16GB / 768GB SSD) this useful will be that I want is only for logic pro x but I use many plugins and over 150 midi & audio tracks. The MacBook will be able to responding to these needs or will I have a trouble with the CPU Perhaps???

If I do a need a better a desktop mac pro and if I do what the features about this ???

Thanks a lot...

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JMNS, see my signature for my MBP model. My projets are possibly not as large as yours, but usually will have 50+ audio and Instrument tracks in them, and somewhere close to 30 or 50 bus/aux additional channels in the mixer. Most of the channels (audio/midi/aux) use between 2 to 4 or 5 plugins, partly Logic factory ones, partly third party (mostly iZotope's such as Alloy 2, Nectar 2, Trash 2).. Almost all my verbs are Space Designer, and I don't shy off from having separate instances for most of the separate tracks needing some. I mostly use Logic's factory instruments, though a fair amount of Alchemy which is one of the most CPU demanding of this bunch, plus a couple of NI Kontact instances.  Flex is on for half of my audio tracks, say. With this, my MBP hits about 25% CPU use, and virtually no disk use (you'll see I have an internal SSD).


I hope this may help you somehow to get a feeling about what you can expect.

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JMNS, no desktop for more than 10 years now (although this is now my 3rd MBP, after former ones acquired in 2006 and 2010). Everything is entirely done on that MBP.


By the way, from the timing of my MBP renewals above there's a hint that IMHO a good renewal pace is about every 4 years, to keep up with evolutions in performance so as to keep having a good match between the current versions of soft- (OS and Logic) and hardware.

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It depends on the number of tracks and the plug-ins you want to use.  U-he and Synth Master demand more CPU power.. I use a LOT of tracks, and like to leave them all active until the song is done..  


Of course there are steps you cam take.. Take demanding VI tracks, freeze or turn to audio, make a channel strip, and turn into audio..  If after a week, you want to change notes in that track, you can call up the channel strip, get the exact same sound, and fix/add notes.  turn to audio, null out the instrument track.. 


I bought a new mac last year.. my demands 130 plus tracks, with them in virtual instrument monde.. I Got all kinds of bogus answers from Mac sales staff from a laptop, iMac, to 12 core mac pro..  after a couple of people gave me the same answer, 6 core, with 64 gig of memory.  I went with that..  I can still overload it.. But doing above mentioned tricks, its an easy work around..  I have lots of tracks playing only short parts.. hence the huge number of tracks.. 


I like to constantly experiment with sounds,  Also look at activity monitor and see what is going on there too..  Right now, I have picked up this process called 'UpdateWorkChecker'. it's in my user library, but I cannot find it.. It turns itself on periodically, and eventually builds up to using 99% of CPU power, and Logic starts giving me a lot of headaches.  I kill that process, then Logic comes back to normal.


Make a realistic list of your demands, how many tracks, virtual instruments, Some companies are using the new more powerful computers to make their Virtual Instruments, much more CPU demanding.  Other companies, are being observing to make their plug-ins less demanding.. Seek out as many individuals as you can.. Unfortunately Apple WILL NOT let you return your computer for a more powerful one, only if there is a problem with it. 


More memory is very key to more power, you can update that later.. 

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angelonyc thank you for reply


Dο you believe a MacBook Pro 15 "2.7GHz (i7 / 16GB / 512GB SSD) it is the best for my needs or it would be better a desktop mac pro with those characteristics which have been you too??

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I really can't answer that.   150 tracks is significant.. Although I think I've read others here doing that on a computer similar to what you're proposing.  One additional thing you can do is make the memory buffer, larger.. this comes in more helpful at end when mixing but hard when OD, or singing.. What I used to do when running out of cpu, was mix down project, and import two track into a new project (obvious at same tempo) to do additional overdubs, give a small buffer, so timing is not an issue when trying to play or sing with tracks.. Then drag those finished tracks back to original.


Of course you're getting into a lot of additional work.  I know  some hip hop producers, like to use a lot of vocals (some claim hundreds). I recently was doing a piece with 24 vocal tracks..  I bounced a lot of these down to a stereo stem..  (keep and  label, the original song project where vocals are still on individual tracks, should you need to go back, and redo mix). 


Another idea, (and could a moderator please verify).  I was told years ago, when Emagic> still owned Logic. was that if you stripped out sections of silence, which a significant # of tracks might have, you save processing power. CPU doe not do any work when there is not audio to play..  


But regular silence IS AUDIO..  Logic goes thru as much work, just as if it had Slash playing a ripping solo.. 


I see you DID ask the question about your needs, no one gave you a direct answer.. Obvious high sampling rate and bit rate is going to use up more power, and HD space.   I go with 24 bit, and 44K.. I believe those doing video,  prefer 48 K..  And if your work is THAT VALUABLE, you can help future proof it by higher sampling.  But it seems as 99% of audio users play mp3,s through earbuds, and fairly cheap speakers, There's not much point, in climbing up the sampling rate ladder. 


I guess I'd pose the question again.. or what computers, type of music different users do, and how many tracks, types of plug-ins.. 


I know from personal experience it is a very frustrating, cause no one can give you with 100% assurance what's going to work for you.. Again certain VI's and  plug-ins are significantly more demanding than others. 


One 'non assuring thing I found was that eager apple salesmen will more often say what you want to hear to make a sale.. I was told everything from the very cheapest mac to a full blown 12 core $10K computer was exactly what I needed.. when I gave my specifications of needs.. complete bullshit.. Even an Apple top salesman, I've known 30 years, couldn't answer me, at least he was honest enough to tell me, he did know. 


I've own Macs since 1980..  I usually bought new one every 3 years (which is Apples desire) in 2008, I bought a top of the line mac pro, with fastest processor, more memory.. It did carry me thru 7 years (longest I ever had) until it went up in smoke (seriously)  Apple at this point, focuses more on it's smaller products, because they sell vast quantities of these. In fact when ever I talk to an apple employee, about my MacPro, I have to correct them 3 or more times, it is a MacPro, not a Mac Pro Laptop.. They look at  me, like why would I ever buy that.. One employee had no idea of what Logic Pro X was.  


Besides asking mac/music person I knew.. I called and went to when geographically feasible to as many Mac/music stores, and gradually got a similar consensus of what to get.. 

And I think for the price, (although still significantly more than I wanted to pay) I got the best price/performance ratio I could for my needs. 


I got a 2015 Mac Pro 6 core, with the cheapest video card (Logic doesn't do much in the way of video work).. I got a 1 TB SSD (apple had the best price and faster speed than MacSales.. I run samples and storage off 2 RAIDS.. (Macsales 4bay Thunderbolt, is quite good). and a WD 2 bay RAID, which I would not recommend again.. I bought Mac directly from Apple (6 core is considered custom) got with 12GB of memory, then replaced with 64GB from MacSales.. 


I run my Logic song project off of internal SSD, for fastest speed.. When project is through, I consolidate, and move off onto RAID. (always run song off new destination) to make sure it is whole and intact.  I use folder format, during work process, cause Project, keeps saving all audio again, which can fill up drive fast.. 


A buddy of mine got a top of the line 12 core, which cost A LOT.. He loves it, and I'm sure he'll get a longer lifetime..  Of course audio is small and slow compared to video..

And some Virtual Instrument and plug-in companies, are building more intensive CPU plug-ins.. Other companies are wising up and building more efficient plug-ins, otherwise, it is an ever escalating chase game..  Another reason I'm not jumping to more bits, higher sampling rate.. If I made a living scoring music for movies, I might be telling you a different story.. 


Sorry I can't be more decisive for you... good luck.. 

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Thanks for your time,your answer it was very useful.

I think could be better i'm waiting for new macbook 2016 and i buy it for the goodest characters.

I'll tell you about my impressions, just i will take that.

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