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Plug-ins with LPX 10.2.4


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Hi guys,


I just recently acquired a new lab of iMacs (yay!). They run El Capitan, version 10.11.6, and LPX 10.2.4. The iMacs are a late 2015 build, with 8GB of RAM. They are 5K Retina displays, with a 3.2Ghz Intel i5 processor, and 2GB of video RAM (Radeon).


We use a number of USB interfaces in our lab, but I have noticed that some issues with LPX's ability to detect the devices. This was never an issue with the machines running LPX versions 10.0.2 up to 10.2.0. The USB devices in question are the Apogee ONE for Mac, and the MOTU 896mk3. In the past, both of these have had plug-and-play compatibility with LPX. However, LPX 10.2.4 does not detect the MOTU, and although LPX does detect the Apogee, the signal breaks down somewhere and leaves a blank line on the track.


Does anyone know if there are compatibility issues with USB interfaces and LPX 10.2.4? Any advice you could  give would be most helpful.





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