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Drummer tempo issue


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Hi Guys


I need some help thinking through a really silly issue.


So I am half way through writing a track. It's a slow, tasty,  slightly swung, bluesy sort of thing which started with a very minimalistic drum groove. It was about a month ago when I first laid this drum groove down using Logic's drummer, as a basis for a verse and chorus. Just something that I threw together which I could lay some instruments over. The way I managed to get the groove I wanted though was to push the tempo to 160bpm which for some reason gave me a nice steady 80bmp feel. However, now that I have the other instruments down (in midi) I'd like to go back and spread that drum groove out a little and variate it across the whole tune. Here lies the problem: With my tempo at 160bpm, Logic drummers are defaulting to some quick beats. Even if I set them to their simplest and quietest settings, it's still too much for what I'm after. If I change the tempo back to 80bpm, all my other midi tracks are affected. At the moment, my only thoughts for a work around are to completely finish all my midi tracks and them bounce them into audio files. Then I can fart about with the drummer regions at different tempos. Not my preferred scenario so would appreciate any other suggestions. Thanks

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Hi mgoslett1 and Eric. Did you get this to work for the Drummer track?


Searching the forum and found this thread and I'm also having the same exact issue.

I did the SMPTE-lock of all tracks in my project. I also protected all of the tracks.

It worked perfectly for all MIDI and Audio tracks, however the Drummer track (i.e. Drum Designer) is still being modified to a beat that I don't want at all.


I am attaching an image of what is happening for the sake of enriching this thread for other people with the same issue. I am using Logic Pro X 10.2.4, on macOS Sierra (10.12.1).



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