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Thank you, Triplets. I just bought the Mac you've suggested and I should take delivery tomorrow.


When I posted the question yesterday, I was hoping I could benefit from your knowledge. I was even hoping that you'd post a link to the Mac I should get but didn't want to impose on you by asking you the direct question. Luckily for me, you did so and I'm grateful. 


Myself and many others on this forum might as well be looking into a hedge when it comes to deciding on which computer suits our needs so your willingness to share your knowledge is much appreciated.


I now have a list as long as my arm of migration questions but will try and work out as much as I can myself and then pose my remaining questions in a new post. That being said, I do have two questions that I would appreciate your thoughts on:


1. The HD seems slow to me so I will do what ever is necessary to improve the spec before I start migrating Logic songs. So, should I replace the internal drive with an SSD and have an external 7200 drive for songs/sample libraries, or should I just get an external SSD (not sure how to configure that, though)? Should any external drive be Thunderbold ready?


2. My Yamaha O1X is now unusable so I need a new interface. Can you suggest anything for up to around £400? My main requirements are as follows:


2 x mic/line inputs with phantom

At least 1 pair of additional inputs

2 x switchable monitor outputs

Separate headphone volume knob (2 h/p outputs would be nice)



Thanks again, I owe you a pint!



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To let you know how tricky it is to replace the HD on the new iMacs:




If a shop does it for you, then all good.


I would migrate first and see how everything works.

Get an external USB 3 spinning HD (7200 rpm) for your projects, and if you have the money get Thunderbolt SSDs.


Certain 3rd party plugins like Kontakt stream the samples, so external HDs for samples are not a bad idea, especially if the system HD is 5400 rpm.


As for an interface, it all depends on how many inputs you need. Couple of options for your budget:







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Hi Triplets,


I've upgraded my whole system and it's all running rather well, so far. The migration using Migration Assistant seems to have worked. And my LP9 projects are working ok in LPX. After trying out a couple of interfaces, I went for the Audient iD22 even though it's only USB2. The quality of the mic pres and the features/layout made it a no-brainer even though I'm losing out on latency in comparison to a Thunderbolt interface. 


I've also decided to go for an internal SSD and have ordered a Crucial 750 Gb SSD. I watched the HD replacement video, as suggested, and decided against doing it myself but luckily, it turns out my chimney-sweep also does computer repairs so he'll be doing it. Let's hope he washes his hands first!


Thanks again.

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