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Aux channels and BFD3


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Hi everyone,


I'm a newbie and I have a question concerning aux channels, here's what I want to do:


- I'm using BFD3 as a software instrument

- I've programmed a beat in one region that I'd like to split up into many, i.e. each drum should have its own track (e.g. bass drum on track 2, snare on track 3, etc.)

- I can split the tracks into many using Edit -> Separate MIDI events -> By Note Pitch

- So far so good, however, if I mute one track, all the tracks that I've created are muted. It seems as if they're all dependent on initial track PROBLEM

- Moving forward to the software instrument, I chose "BFD3 (8x stereo, 8x mono)"

- In Logic Pro X I created 8 aux channels in the mixer by clicking on the "+" symbol. I labelled them.

- In BFD3 I navigated to the mixer and chose the corresponding channels (i.e. Stereo 1, Stereo 2)

- Back in Logic's mixer, I changed the input to "BFD 3-4" etc. and I there I can muted, solo, add plugins for the individual drums (i.e. bass drum, snare, etc.)

- Getting back to the problem, how do I "marry" what I see in the mixer and Main Window? I'd like to resolve the dependency to the main midi region above.


Something doesn't seem right with this approach and it annoys me that the tracks are all linked together in the main window. And I'm not even sure I'm using my computer's resources efficiently by doing this. :?


So basically all I want to do is have a new track and channel strip for each drum to add plugins or manipulate automations, etc. Pretty standard, huh?


How would you go about setting this up correctly? This there a tutorial somewhere on the net that has the solution?

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Sounds like you're pretty well onto it... 

I basically split things out with AUX's too. However, I just leave the main midi file for it on the main track (which is everything minus what you've separated out to other aux's. Then you can have what ever you like re plugins, automation etc on any of the separated audio paths. 

Be sure to check out the spill between elements of the kit. Especially if you are doing some heavy compression on individual channels etc. (You'll be wondering why you're hearing the kick i the snare channel etc).

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I think that if you use Edit -> Separate MIDI events -> By Note Pitch, what Logic actually does is create additional tracks, all related to the same Environment object (the same Instrument channel strip) and demix your midi régions by note pitch on each of these tracks. But they are all related to the same Instrument channel strip. That's why if you mute or solo one track, it will mute or solo all of them (it will mute or solo the Instrument channel strip, which is reflected on all these midi tracks).


Muting or soloing regions on any of these tracks will work properly, however (i;e. each region can be muted/soloed independently).


Otherwise, if you want to have a general mute or solo by type of element in the kit (e;g. kick drum, snare, etc), all appearing in the main window, you can create tracks (appearing as aux tracks) for each of the Aux channels you have created in the mixer (using the + button): select these auxes in the mixer, control click and select "Create track". Muting or soloing these tracks in the main window will achieve the same as muting or soloing them in the mixer once they appear in the main window.

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Thank you! Changing the aux channel to a track worked.


The question now is what is better? Should you have a separate track for each drum instrument or just one track and aux channels (like mattrixx said)? I presume it would be cleaner to have separate tracks for each drum instrument because mixing will be easier later on not to mention automation, right?


In any case, thanks a lot both of you for helping me!

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I second mattrixx reply. You have several things to consider:

* First, you need to understand that separate tracks is not necessarily the same as separate instruments. You can have separate tracks feeding only one instrument, or you can have separate tracks feeding separate instruments. You can also have a single track feeding a single instrument. Besides, when you use only one instrument, that is multi-output, you can use separate aux channels for its outputs to better mix the various elements of the kit.

* Separate tracks feeding separate instruments: pros= mute/solo of each track(=instrument) individually with no need to rely on auxes; easier programming of each element of the kit in the main window because it lies on its own track; individual mixing (including automation) of each element in the kit is available // cons = less natural because no or little interaction between the elements in the kit.

* Separate track feeding single instrument (with or without auxes): pros = easier programming of each element of the kit in the main window because it lies on its own track; individual mixing (including automation) of each element in the kit remains available, but through the separate output auxes; better interaction between the elements in the kit // cons= no individual mute/solo of tracks (but remains available on auxes); more complex configuration of the multi-output  and auxes; need to create tracks for the auxes so as to access them in the main window for mute/solo or automation

* Single track feeding single instrument (with or without multiple ouputs & auxes): same as right above, but you cannot as easily identify each midi notes of a given element of the kit for programming in the main window (still you can see them on separate line / lanes in the piano roll / step editor).


Most of the time, I'll rely on DKD's kits (or even their Producer kits versions when I am over programming and shift to mixing) which are already configured as multi-out with all the necessary auxes, and work on one single midi track in the main window (I like to see all notes of all elements altogether in the same editor). I'll rely on auxes for mixing and automation purposes (and I will create tracks "on demand", only for those I need to automate). I mute/solo from the mixer, in a separate window. But this is just my personnal preference.

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Thank you so much guys! I was very busy today and spent all evening playing around with Logic that I forget to write thank you for the in-depth explanation and recommendation. I think I'll keep a single track for now and use aux channels. Automation isn't really an issue for drums, at least for now.


Again, thank you for clearing things up for me!

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