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Pedalboard And B channel... not working...?

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I never really used the Pedalboard, but today I decided to watch a tutorial by Dave Earl ("or SFLogic Ninja, I don't care...") and I saw we can have certain pedals on the left and some on the right channels. Is it possible to change which ones are on the left or on the right? Tried to drag... no luck. Sometimes some appear on one side when dragged to the pedal area, but once I drag a second unit, it's on the opposite channel. I have no clue what determines that.


EDIT: just tried in Logic Pro 9 and clicking the name of the pedal on the top window changes it to the A or B channels. Definitely a bug in 10.2.4 (or maybe even earlier versions).

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You're right, I used to just click the dark gray rectangle that represents the pedal on the signal routing diagram at the top, now that doesn't work anymore. :(

yeah I tried on my old computer, just for the sake of checking if I was doing something wrong, and I wasn't. I already submitted this bug on their page. I never really used it, but that could be something I could use once in a while, specially because of that feature, on some synths and stuff to get a wider sound in a natural way. :)

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Would love to start using it a bit more often and see what I can come up with.

Since it turns out to be only a graphic bug, you should be able to use it! Just close the plug-in window after you've clicked a pedal to make it switch from one bus to the other, and reopen the plug-in window to see the new routing. 

Yeah I did that. My point is that since you have to close and open the window every time you make a change, it's not very practical and wastes a lot of time. Of course I can still use it, but hopefully they will fix it and the whole workflow is going to be faster and more productive :) It would be cool if at least, even if you don't see the button changing, it would allow you to click an empty space (where the plugin would technically be) and still hear the change, even though you wouldn't see it, graphically speaking.

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