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Help requested with quantization please!


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Hi all!  I'm hoping you might be able to help with a problem I'm having with Logic Pro X's quantization.  I'd really appreciate any help you can give, as I've looked up information online but can't see what I'm doing wrong. 


In short, I'm trying to use the 'Slicing' flex mode to quantize a set of drum tracks strictly to the beat - but I can't seem to get Logic to move my transient markers on to the beat. 


I start by following every step in this helpful guide, to the letter: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT201943


Then I 'apply quantization to the tracks' using the Quantize check box in the Region Inspector for my Q reference track.  But, whilst some notes are moved, in general the transients on my Q track have not been moved to 'lock to the grid'. Hopefully I managed to attach a screenshot of the problem. You can see that the white transient marker of my Q-reference track (I'm using just one Q-track, called Overhead L2) has not been snapped to bar 71, which is what I want.  Unfortunately I just can't work out why.


Is anyone able to suggest why my transient markers are not being moved to snap to the grid? Any help would be really really appreciated! Thanks very much, Andy


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Hi Andrew and welcome to Logic Pro Help.


Click this link to your signature and add your system information:

• Logic version and sub-version (e.g. Logic Pro X 10.2.4)

• OS X version and sub-version (e.g. OS X El Capitan 10.11.6)

• Computer (e.g. MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, iMac)

• Processor (e.g. 2.2 GHz Intel i7)

• Memory (e.g. 8GB)

• Audio interface manufacturer and model (e.g. RME Babyface Pro)


(most of that information can be found by choosing Logic Pro X > About Logic Pro X, and  > About This Mac)



Hi all!  I'm hoping you might be able to help with a problem I'm having with Logic Pro X's quantization.  I'd really appreciate any help you can give, as I've looked up information online but can't see what I'm doing wrong. 


You can attach a small version of the project here and I'll take a look.

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Thanks so much for your offer of help Eric, and sorry for the delay in replying. The reason for the delay is interesting and might give us some clues as to what the problem is.


I have been trying to slim down my project to send to you. To get it under 40mB, I saved a copy of my original project, deleted all but two tracks and deleted the associated audio files on the hard disk. This still wasn't small enough, so I cut the two remaining audio regions in size, then bounced them in place so I could delete the larger original audio file they came from.


Bouncing the regions in place seemed to scrap my quantization, so I turned all my flex time/quantization buttons off and started again from scratch. Lo and behold, the flex markers snapped to the grid correctly, with me going through exactly the same steps I did before!


Thrilled, I went back to my original project and tried to quantize my original files using the same method (which was also the method I was using before) - but this time, just like before, the flex markers didn't snap to the grid!


Next step for me is to try to replicate the problem in a small session so I can show you, which i'll be able do on Monday - unless anything springs to mind about why I'm getting the issue in one session but not another. Thanks again for your help and patience - update on Monday!

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More news today which might help others with the same problem!


Goal: I wanted to quantize the drums on most of my song using the left overhead as the sole Q-reference, but for a specific section I wanted to quantize using the right overhead as the sole Q-reference. 


Approach: I couldn't see a way to switch which track was being used as a Q-reference “mid-song” (interested to know if this is in fact possible). Instead I used the scissor tool to make a new region (on each drum track) for the “right overhead” section, and then moved these regions to new tracks. So then I had a set of drum tracks using the left overhead as a Q-ref, and a different set of drum tracks using the right overhead as a Q-ref, both containing regions that were part of an original larger audio file. 


Problem: Why I tried quantizing the tracks using the right overhead, the transient markers were not being moved to the grid on quantization. 


Solution: Once I bounced the regions in place, quantization worked as normal, with transient markers being moved to the grid correctly. 


I'm glad to have found a workaround, but I'm very interested in what the problem might have been so that I can avoid it in future. Did Logic perhaps react oddly to the fact that I was trying to quantize regions that were only a section of an audio file, instead of the whole file?



Thanks again


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