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Track automations working intermittently


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I'm working on a mix with a relatively low track-count and CPU usage.  Sometimes the volume automations are only reading if I start playback from the beginning of the track. Can't figure out a rhyme or reason.  Any ideas why this might be happening?

Thanks in advance...

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What are the project's MIDI Chase settings?

Are you using Track or Region automation?

Do you have volume both track and region automation occuring simultaneously?

In Project Settings / MIDI General, does the  Control Change 7/10 controls Volume/Pan of Channel Strip Objects checkbox is unselected?

Thanks Atlas.  Dunno why it took me so long to notice your response, but I appreciate.  The problem still persists.  Screenshot of my MIDI chase settings is attached.  I'm only using track automation - no region automation whatsoever.  Control Change 7/10 controls Volume/Pan of Channel Strip Objects is NOT checked.  (I can't say I quite understand that one...)



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Do you have automation control points at beginning of each of your regions?

Do they appear as CC or Faders events in the List editor?


Control Change 7/10 controls Volume/Pan of Channel Strip Objects is a feature to allow use of volume and pan automation concurrently on the plugin and the channelstrip. When unselected, the volume fader events are controlling the channelstrip's volume and pan while the CC#7 and #10 are controlling the plugin's volume and pan.


When the option is selected, then CC#7 and #10 are controlling only the channelstrip's volume and pan. There could be conflicts with some plugins if automation also exist for their own volume and pan parameters though.

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